About the Journal

EPSIR (European Public & Social Innovation Review) with ISSN 2529-9824, is an interdisciplinary journal founded by SINNERGIAK SOCIAL INNOVATION (University of the Basque Country), which, starting in 2024, is being edited by HISIN (History of Information Systems). Its mission is to disseminate the creation, development, and implementation of innovative solutions to tackle social challenges and improve the quality of life for individuals and communities. Through comprehensive research that results in articles, it aims to generate a positive impact on areas such as education, health, the environment, gender equality, social inclusion, and others, as well as exploring implications for innovation policies and/or the management of social innovation.

In line with its mission, EPSIR is fully open access. Additionally, starting in 2024, it has adopted a continuous publication system, where articles are published individually in an open-access electronic format as soon as the editorial process is completed. This frequency modality speeds up dissemination, facilitates feedback, and keeps scientific knowledge relevant in real-time, promoting collaboration and academic advancement.

Articles submitted to EPSIR undergo double-blind peer review, ensuring unbiased, objective, and transparent arbitration, which facilitates the inclusion of the articles in reference databases, repositories, and international indexes. It includes research articles and book reviews, with the goal of disseminating new knowledge, good practices, and experiences in the field of social innovation.

Since 2024, its official language is Spanish, although contributions in English, French, Italian, and Portuguese are also accepted. Also we are pleased to inform that no article processing charge (APC) is applied. Bibliographic references must be prepared according to the APA Style 7th Edition and will only appear in the References section of the article if they have been cited in the body of the text. We appreciate the interest and participation of the authors in enriching the content of our publication

Original and interdisciplinary works that offer innovative perspectives and rigorously apply the corresponding methodology are valued. The journal promotes the exchange of knowledge, fosters the development of these thematic areas, and encourages collaboration among researchers in this field of knowledge.


Thematic Profiles

EPSIR publishes articles on a wide range of social innovation topics in an interdisciplinary manner, here is a sample of the thematic range addressed:.


  • Social and Community Innovation

  • Evaluation and Funding of Social Innovation

  • Management of Social Innovation Policies

  • Technology and Social Innovation

  • Teaching and Innovation

  • Communication and Social Change