Antiplagiarism Policy

EPSIR certifies the originality of all manuscripts by using the iThenticate anti-plagiarism software provided by HISIN. Any form of plagiarism, conscious or unconscious, including self-plagiarism, should be avoided in the writing of the manuscript.

This policy guarantees the originality of the publication, identifying coincidences between the texts submitted and those previously published in other sources. In case the manuscript contains evidence of plagiarism, it will be automatically discarded.

The method used for the analysis will be quantitative, but with a high qualitative emphasis, since sometimes the percentages of similarity often have coincidences that are duly cited in the body of the paper. The ranges of similarity percentages considered for our journal are:


  • 1 to 15%: minor coincidences.

  • 15 to 25%: qualitative verification is performed and, if necessary, returned to the author for changes.

  • 25 to 30%: the report obtained is sent to certain members of the Scientific Committee for internal analysis.

  • 31% and more: the manuscript is rejected


If a report of plagiarism is received after the publication of an article in EPSIR, and this is verified by the Editorial Board of the Journal, the manuscript will be removed from the web page of the published issue and from all repositories and databases in which the aforementioned text is included.